Some affiliate marketers were deceived that all you had to do to rank higher on Google was to create great content, publish, and repeat the same process. The post and pray mentality went viral. But, it became the assumption didn’t yield results then, the same way it doesn’t yield today. In short, great content isn’t enough for a niche site.

First, it is important to understand whom you are talking to in your content. According to Solution 8, this is how you create exceptional content in the first place.

Create Content People Want to Read

It’s all well and good if you are putting together a white paper on web design tactics for people actually interested in designing websites. But what if your target market, those individuals you actually want as customers, aren’t going to be doing web design? Are they CEO’s, marketing managers or corporate executives? Content that describes in detail how to create web banners and Flash graphics most likely won’t appeal to them, no matter how good it is.

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At the end of the day, understanding your target audience is the first step towards creating content that people actually want to read.

Many people create good content for the sake of content. According to Jayson on Inc, this is wrong.

Create Content for the Right Reason

Hopefully by now, I’ve convinced you of my main argument: creating content for the sake of creating content, or churning out content that’s “good enough” is only going to hurt your campaign in the long term. You can’t make every piece of content a home run, but you can go the extra mile to ensure your content is original, useful, and better than anything else in its league. The extra effort will earn you disproportionately higher results, and you’ll wind up with a far higher ROI–not to mention a boost in your brand’s reputation.

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You need to create content for the right reason. And that’s only possible after you understand your audience.

According to Forbes, writing great content is a good approach. But link building is a must if you want to gain higher ranking.

Link Building is Important

Much of this user feedback is provided in terms of shares and links, which Google sees as votes that establish a site’s (or page’s) credibility and authority. If you earn lots of links from high-authority sources, you’ll be seen as inherently more trustworthy, and you’ll climb in organic search rankings.

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For a long time, Google’s number one ranking factor has been backlinks. And that’s what moves the needle.


If you have always invested your time and money on great content, it is time to go an extra mile. Of course, creating a niche site is not easy, yet doable. Or, should I say that no marketing model is a rice on a silver plate?