SEOs and affiliate marketers talk about niche site projects all the time. They share inspiration on Facebook communities. They write motivational case studies as digital entrepreneurs. And they sometimes write about their failures, too. The question is this: what can we really learn from this kind of an income stream?

After being in the affiliate business for ten years, DOMINIC BALISZEWSKI found out that reporting is as important as it can get. In his post on The Drum, he argues that tracking is important because it helps you know where you stand.

Reporting is everything

The affiliate (and digital) worlds have the beauty of being extremely data rich. Despite this, it’s amazing how many sites (some of these being major, major news brands) are not able to measure commercial performance of their content. When it comes to improving revenues, it’s absolutely essential to know what content is driving what sales.

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If you have never tracked reports before, this is the best chance to do that. At the end of the day, you must have a proper direction in the business.

Another thing we can learn from affiliate market is the misconception of the system. According to Robert Woo from Business 2 Community, there are so many affiliate marketing *bullshit* out there that you shouldn’t believe.

Busting Affiliate Marketing Myths for Merchants

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what affiliate marketing can or can’t do on the merchant side. We’re here to dispel them because these myths can be a barrier to entry for many SMBs looking to start up an affiliate program. They’ve heard from some other business that had one bad experience and now they are reluctant to give it a shot themselves. It happens all the time, and it’s an easy way to leave money on the table.

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Of course, people will talk ill of a system if it fails to work for them. And the reason why they fail is simple: they do not create a working strategy in the first place.

A post published on Tech Worm by Payel Dutta reveal that some affiliates still make the wrong choices when it comes to picking affiliate networks.

Bad choice of affiliate network

Do you want your promotional attempts to fail? Well, nobody wants that. Beyond any doubt, this is the most common lesson for all the industry newbies. If you pick carelessly, you’ll learn it the hard way.

When selecting the right affiliate system, try to evaluate all the pros and cons of the prospective cooperation. Do the research and always double-check the networks that you find interesting – it will help you get around the sugarcoated web image and see their insides. If you happen to stumble upon something you are not satisfied with, then you better go seek somewhere else.

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It is obvious that choosing the wrong network can cost you a lot of time and money. And it could even cause frustrations. So you want to trend carefully on this one.


Affiliate marketing is a mix of outcomes. The results you get more often depend on the choices that you make as a publisher. Therefore, pay close attention to creating systems that work well, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.