Choosing the right keywords can be the difference between a four-figure niche site project and a website that won’t pick from the ground. Unfortunately, many niche sites fail because of keyword research gone wrong. If you want your project to take off from the ground and scale well, now is the best time to invest in long tail keywords.

According to Yoast SEO, going for body and head keywords is the worst mistake you can ever make. That’s because they are harder to rank, because the competition is often stiff.

Long Tail Means Low Competition

It is much easier to rank for long tail keywords than for more common keywords. Another benefit of focussing on long tail keywords is that, although these keywords are used less in search, the visitor that finds your website using them is more likely to buy your service or product.

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Long tail keywords on the other hands are not often tapped into so much. As such, there is always low competition. Hence, they are easy to rank.

As Higher Visibility puts it, long tail keywords enable you to drive more targeted traffic to your website with the least effort possible.

You Get More Targeted Traffic

If someone was, however, typing in the term “birthday flower delivery in Memphis TN” and you ranked for that phrase, that person is much more likely to be valuable traffic. This helps keep your traffic targeted to people who are very interested in what you have to offer, which brings us to our next point.

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Short tail keywords are good. But, they cannot bring customers that convert to your site like long tail keywords will.

Another reason to use long tail keywords, according to Calculate Marketing, is that their conversion rate is better than head and body keywords.

A Decent Conversion Rate

Many search marketers seem to think so – their reasoning being that people who make longer, more specific searches have already done their research and know exactly what they want. They are further along in the buying cycle so are more likely to open their wallet.

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A study conducted by the same blog owners shows that the more number of words a keyword has, the highly likely it is to convert.


What’s best about long tail keywords for your niche site is that they are always more specific in terms of search. More often than not, the internet audience use long tail keywords to search for whatever it is they are looking for. And, this is to your advantage.