Affiliate marketing is not an internet craze anymore. It is a way of life. You know this because you have spent a lot of time on Facebook communities where people talk about passive income. If you, too, want to build a profitable business online, here’s how to do that.

According to Yaro Blog, everything here starts with a niche. You need to figure out what you are passionate about and then concentrate on the topic.

What Are Niche Sites?

Niche content sites, as I call them, are static websites that are rich in content that are well optimized so that they attract heavy natural or organic search engine traffic for free. The traffic is then converted into revenue through several possible monetization methods.

Niche websites are targeted, or focused on one particular subject matter, often that in which the author has experience, expertise, knowledge or interest in learning and developing.

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Do not be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. Unless you are an agency, you are far better running a niche site than concentrating on an authority.

Spencer from Niche Pursuits is right when he says that your success will depend on your content framework. Make sure you have a solid plan for this.

Develop a Long Term Content Strategy

These ideas are what can take you from having just a so-so website to having a great website that helps you stand out as an authority.

So, not only do we discuss things like types of content and on-page SEO, but we also go into more in-depth strategies like clickable titles and more.

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At the end of the day, content is king – and it is what makes the affiliate marketing business. So, you need to have a solid plan if you want to succeed.

Investing in SEO is the only way to nail it in your niche, according to a post by Niche Hacks. In fact, SEO – both off-page and on-page plays an important role in the business.

Hours 4, 5 & 6: Writing And SEO

This is a big chunk of your week, I know. But that’s because these two points are time consuming and they need dedicated care and attention. Now, you’re probably thinking “But, what the hell is he going to write here?” because, well, writing and SEO are pretty unique to you. And you know I’m not going to teach you to suck eggs.

But there are some things you need to know for this process to help you absolutely dominate in your niche. (See how to measure niche success in one place) These are simple tips, tricks and battle-tested pieces of advice you can pick and choose from:

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You need to learn and implement all the good SEO tactics that you can lay your hands on. Then and only then can you see good results.


Building a niche site is not going to be hard if you are ready for the grind. Of course, being ready in this context means your willingness to put more effort to work until you see results. And as long as you choose a good niche, there is no reason why your project should fail.