Online marketing is a buzz these days. And that’s because making money on the internet is becoming the new tradition for most of us. But if you must make money creating niche sites, you need to understand the fundamental marketing principles that’ll help you start and take your business to the next level. Here are the top principles to keep in mind.

Everything starts with knowing and studying your audience. According to Lifestyle Business, it is about finding a market needs a product and giving them what they want.

Know your audience

Find a market that is hungry for a product or service and give them what they want. Succeeding as an entrepreneur and as a marketer requires a combination of offering the right product, crafting the right message, and getting that message in front of the right audience. If your marketing campaigns aren’t bringing you a positive return on investment, you may have missed the mark on some, if not all, of these components.

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At the end of the day, your marketing efforts won’t pay off if you have no idea about the market you want to sell to. You cannot be very Tom, Dick, and Harry – a jack of all trades and a master of none – and expect business to take off.

According to Blue Corona, it is important to treat your website seriously. For a niche marketer, this means making sure your project is up for some serious business.


Too many business owners and companies (continue to) treat their website as if it were a digital brochure. Your website is NOT a brochure; it’s a virtual sales rep—an economic engine capable of catapulting your business to new levels of growth. Unlike a sales rep, your website will never ask you for a vacation or leave your for a higher paying job. But like a sales rep, your website performs best when it is accurately measured and tracked; when it has clear goals, and when it is properly managed. Your website is your single most valuable marketing asset. Make sure you’re investing in it appropriately and that you have the right team in charge of overseeing and managing it.

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After all, your website is not a brochure. And it is not some diary log either, unless you are not up for some serious business.

Robert Adams, a Forbes contributor, advocates for value over authority; because – of course – successful online marketing is about proving value to your target audience in addition to selling them what they want.

Value fosters authority. Always deliver value.

The one thing that separates successful online marketers from those who falter and fail is their core understanding that they absolutely must deliver value, always. Value fosters authority over time. And anyone considered to be an authority in their industry or niche, ultimately gets the exposure they’re after from search engines like Google.

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Value is bigger than authority for the simple reason that it focuses on benefiting consumers more than your business.


Of course, the trends of online and affiliate marketing systems will come and go. But the fundamental principles of the business will always remain the same. So if you want to make the internet your long-term source of active and passive income, pay close attention to these marketing principles.