After switching from just having a website to creating an online business through affiliate marketing, I am more convinced that the system can be your primary income stream if set and managed properly. To create a sustainable affiliate marketing model, in and beyond your country, you will need to take your campaigns seriously, while keeping the risks in mind

Andy Charlson warns against the get-rich-quick mindset in his post on Adotas. Beginners often risk their investment with the hope of too much too soon, but that’s not ever so with affiliate marketing.

Don’t expect to get rich quick

First of all, it’s that sense of the need to build a customer base over a period of time that means many affiliate marketers expect too much too soon. The greatest risk to your program is that you haven’t done enough preparation when it comes to engaging with your audience. It is not a case of simply posting computer code from the retailer into your own website and hoping the money will start rolling in.

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This system requires consistency and patience. Which means you can’t throw money in it today and expect a big chunk the day after.

According to Zeina Rizk, many new marketers still struggle to set realistic expectations. In her post on Performance In, she advises that you have clear goals before starting out.

Set realistic expectations

No market is the same. Different markets will be more or less established in terms of affiliate marketing but also in terms of your own brand awareness, and these both have to be considered as a measure of success. This is the reason why it’s essential to have a knowledge of the affiliate landscape within the market, to set realistic expectations and the correct objectives and KPIs, whether it is performance based or simply building your brand awareness.

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At the end of the day, it is hard to start an online business without having goals. And if you already have a system running, manage these goals accordingly to meet your expectations.

Unfortunately, personalizing your ads just got a little harder than it used to be. According to Zack Johnson on Business, the GDPR policy completely changed the way you can interact with an audience from certain countries.


Last month, the European Union finally enacted the GDPR. This is a new data protection framework that officially replaces the Data Protection Directive that was adopted back in 1995.

The new law has a number of data protection guidelines that affiliate marketers must be aware of. Payoneer published a blog post that provides an overview of the policies that affiliate marketers must understand regarding this new law. These changes include the following:

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This means you cannot collect and use the information of that audience as your business deem fit, instead more control on data is transferred to your audience.


It is important to understand that affiliate marketing is a long-term business model that won’t yield results fast. But, as long as you have the process on your finger tips, things should fall into place just fine.