If you are looking for the best Six Figure Ignition Review, you will find this article helpful. In this guide, we will examine this program in-depth, and help you to decide if the program is worth your time and money.

Our goal is to point you in the right direction so that you can spend your money wisely. We believe you are ready to learn more about this program. So let’s get started.

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Six Figure Ignition Overview

Product Name: Six Figure Ignition
Founders: James Starr and Bob Beckett
Price: $197 per Month
Official Website: Doesn’t Exist in 2018

What Is 6 Figure Ignition?

Six Figure Ignition Review what it is

Six Figure Ignition is a membership program designed to teach you how to build a successful business online.

It was started by James Starr and Bob Beckett and it focuses mainly on list building, paid traffic, and email marketing strategies.

The program also includes done-for-you packages and a number of tools specifically built to help you grow your business.

Bob Beckett has been working online for the last 17 years. He focuses on systems, conversion, traffic generation, and building subscribers list.

James Starr has been in the industry for well over 9 years. He spends his time teaching students the ins and outs of traffic strategies.

Before You Buy

Before you spend your hard-earned money on this program, keep in mind that there is little information about it since its launch.

There are also dozens of fake testimonials that try to promote this course.

So it’s important to read this review carefully before you make a decision to pay $197 every month for the program.

Can You Make Money with Six Figure Ignition?

Six Figure Ignition Review make money

According to James Starr and Bob Beckett, the objective of Six Figure Ignition is to teach its premium members the importance traffic generation, sales funnel optimization, affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing, WordPress blogs, video marketing, and web design.

Members get full access to live coaching once a week, which usually runs for an hour. You can ask James Starr and Bob Beckett any question during this session, and they will respond accordingly.

The two coaches say that they can help you increase your traffic and conversion by simply answering your internet marketing questions.

James Starr and Bob Beckett also promise to add more training videos for list building. Moreover, they give paid members access to a private Facebook group.

Potential Concerns

Cost and efficiency are the biggest concerns regarding this product. For most people, an expense of nearly $200 each month is too high.

But if cost doesn’t bother you, you still have to ask yourself whether a one-hour per week live coaching and  a private Facebook group discussion will really add any value to your business.

How Do I get started?

To get started, sign up for a 7-day trial which will cost you $1 per day.

If you love the learning materials in the Six Figure Ignition, you can proceed to become a monthly subscriber. If you don’t like the materials, you can cancel your free trial before it expires.

Is Six Figure Ignition a Scam? Or, Is it Legitimate?

Six Figure Ignition Review scam

No, Six Figure Ignition is not a scam. It is a genuine program created with a sound purpose.  Here are a few things that we loved about this program:

1. Aged Business

Although there little information about Six Figure Ignition, it has been around for a while and continues to work well for some people. James Starr and Bob Beckett, who run the program, have a lot of experience working online.

2. Learning Materials

Besides learning how to create a sales funnel and build an email list, this program teaches how to send traffic to niche sites. You also learn how to boost conversion.

3. Support

There is group of coaches and the support seems to be fast and efficient. There is a relatively active forum where you can easily find solutions to problems related to your online business, because members are always willing to help.

The availability of the forum alone makes it possible for Six Figure Ignition members to encourage one another to keep grinding.

Overall, the Six Figure Ignition does have some value. But we don’t think it is worth $197 a month. There are better and cheaper options to scale your business. We recommend wealthy affiliate because of its cost effectiveness, reliability, and unbeatable support.

Is Six Figure Ignition Worth It?

Six Figure Ignition Review worth

While Six Figure Ignition concept is a legitimate, there isn’t a lot on the net about them, except a lot of hype and unverified income reports.

We don’t think it makes sense to pay $197 for this program if you can only ask one question per week during a one-hour a week webinar.

You also have to pay additional money for email management and website hosting services. Therefore, you end up paying more for Six Figure Ignition program than you would if you choose wealthy affiliate program.

If you are on a budget, and you are looking to create an additional income, Six Figure Ignition may be too expensive.

What’s the Best Alternative to Six Figure Ignition?

At High Calibre Training, we believe in helping you invest in programs that give you the best value for your money.

The reason we recommend the wealthy affiliate program is that it is a proven opportunity that will give you the best return on your investment. The wealthy affiliate system is, by all means, the best alternative to Six Figure Ignition.