You are here because you have heard about Project Payday, and are looking for a Project Payday Review. Or perhaps you are just searching for ways to make money online, either way, we got you covered.

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So in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the system, including what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to make money.

We will also help you to determine whether the opportunity is worth your time and money.

Let’s get started.

Project Payday Classroom Overview

Created by: Monika John

Year Founded: 2006

Official Site:

What is Project Pay Day & How Does It Work?

Project Payday Review what it is

Project Pay Day is an online company owned by Monika John.

It was started in 2006, so it has been active for well over a decade.

After doing some background check about this website, we learned that there is no information about Monika John, anywhere on the web.

It looks like she just wants to stay unrevealed for reasons well known to her. But her privacy does not make this program questionable.

In fact, her operations have an A ratings on (BBB) Better Bureau Business website.

Expert Tip: Better Bureau Business was founded 106 years ago (1912), it has its motto as –Start with Trust. Its main aim is to foster responsive and honest relationships between customers and businesses by advancing a trustworthy market. BBB has accredited over 400,000 businesses and it does not have an affiliation with any government agency.

First Impressions from the Website

There is nothing special on the front Project Payday’s front page. It just looks like a typical online survey website with basic details on the primary theme of the program.

What makes this Website Grab so much Attention?

The $100 reimbursement that claims to pay you in case you do not make any cash with the program is what grabs most people’s attention.

Moreover, the websites is updated from time to time, which is a very good sign that these people are serious about what they do.

Unfortunately, the website does not have an About Us Section. This might make it somewhat questionable.

Can You Make Money with Project Payday?

Project Payday Review money

There are only two ways to make money with project payday:

  • You can become an affiliate and refer others to the website to finish Cost per Action offers
  • Completing Cost Per Action offers (CPA)

1. What is CPA as Used by Project Payday?

Cost per Action is simply a means through which Project Payday pays you to find customers for a given product.

2. Project Payday Affiliate Program

You can become an affiliate and make money by referring other members to the program. You must meet the following qualifications to become a Project Payday affiliate:

  • You must refer 2 people, make sure they join the program, and ensure that they participate in CPA offers
  • You must fill out at least two CPA offers.

How to get started with CPA Products

Before you start promoting CPA offers, complete the training available on the site.  The CPA training is divided in 4 segments, so make sure you go through all the modules.

During the training, you will be required to complete trials for Project Payday. The purpose of the trial is to determine whether you can research for leads and convert them into buyers.

Is Project Payday a Scam? Or, is it Legitimate?

Project Payday Review scam

There are many positive reviews online about Project Payday.

Isolated cases of disappointment are common, but we are not sure if the cases staged are genuine. But there will always be negative experiences about every program.

The website looks good as a whole and there are testimonials from people who claim to have used the platform without experiencing any problems.

It is important to keep in mind that we do not consider these testimonials as solid base for judgment.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Project Payday comes with a fair share of its benefits and disadvantages.

What We Liked About Project Payday

  • You don’t have to worry about payment because Project Payday is a legitimate business that pays its members on time
  • The platform has tons of offers. You won’t run short of tasks to complete.
  • You do not have to invest. You can take trials to make up for the membership fees
  • The products involved are always on high demand

What We Didn’t Like About Project Payday

  • Sometime getting leads is quite difficult, especially for beginners
  • Signing up for a Project Payday account also attracts several spammy e-mails to your account
  • A trial can only be completed once
  • The website can use your personal information for their own gain

Is Project Payday Worth It?

Project Payday Review worth

Project Payday is one of the better CPA programs out there.

So if you are into CPA marketing, and you are looking for an additional site to add to your list, you should consider Project Payday.

Some people have had success with the program; they’ve been able to earn commission by completing offers as well as through the referral program.

As good and legitimate as Project Payday is, it is not an opportunity that can guarantee decent, consistent income.

With Project Payday, you are trading time for money. And it is quite difficult to scale.

The Best Alternative

Affiliate marketing can be a better alternative to Cost per Action (CPA) marketing.

At High Calibre Training, we always recommend the wealthy affiliate program to our readers for a reason.

It is extremely passive. There is upfront work involved. But once you build and rank your niche site, making money becomes easy.

Moreover, our affiliate marketing recommendation will teach you how to become your own boss.

And as soon as you start making passive income, you can stop trading time for money and then focus on scaling your niche sites.