We have written the Pinecone Research Review to give you our honest opinion about the platform. Our main goal is to help you understand the ins and out of this opportunity, so you can determine whether it is worth your time and money.

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Pinecone Research is considered a money generating opportunity for everyone. Like Inbox Dollars, this survey platform is open to anyone who is interested in making money online. There are no barrier to entry, no credit cards required, and no maintenance fees needed.

Today, we will examine how the site works, help you determine if you can truly make money with it, and then let you decide if it is worth it.

Company: Pinecone Research
URL: https://www.pineconeresearch.com/
Price: Free to Join

What is Pinecone Research and how does it Work?

What is Pinecone Research and how does it Work?

Pinecone Research is a survey website where users try product and take surveys to earn some cash rewards.

The website started on January, 10 January 1998 and it is owned by Nielsen Company. It has its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio and it is currently under the management of Mr. William Millers.

How to get started with Pinecone Research

As at the time of this writing, you can join the system by visiting their contact page. Choose the the option of becoming a member to get the registration link.

Sometimes registration is closed, but you can always come back later and check if it is re-opened.

If you are lucky to access the registration page, fill out the form, agree to the terms of service, and submit your information to create an account.

Do not register more than one family member per household because Pinecone will terminate your account.

After submitting your registration, Pinecone will send you an email to confirm your account. In the email, you will get a password and a username.

Keep these details safe because you will use them every time you need to access the account.

Pinecone Research usually sends survey invitation to its members via email. So, it is important to check your inbox from time to time to see if they’ve sent you any offers.

Can You Make Money with Pinecone Research?

Can You Make Money with Pinecone Research?

Yes, you can make money with Pinecone Research.

The question is this: how much does the company pay for a single survey? At the time of this writing, Pinecone Research pays up to $ 3.00 for a completed survey.

If you are aggressive and willing to put in A LOT OF TIME, you can make up to $100 a month on this platform.

Pinecone sends payment via three methods: by check, gift cards and PayPal. A big percentage of registered members prefer getting paid by check and PayPal.

Get Paid with PayPal

It is the fastest means of payment and the best option for impatient participants who need their money fast. You get paid every Monday for every complete survey. PayPal’s minimum payment is $1, so take up to five surveys (each $3) to get $15 deposited in your account.

Get Paid By Check

This means is similar to PayPal but it’s much slower. It is a good option for patient who aren’t in a hurry to receive payments. It takes about 2 weeks for the check to reach you.

Is Pinecone Research a Scam? Or, Is It Legitimate?

Is Pinecone Research a Scam? Or, Is It Legitimate?

Pinecone Research is not a swindle. It is 100% genuine.

In my opinion, it is one of the few survey websites that respects your time (there are much better opportunities available), effort, and internet investment.

You may notice a few problems with the site from time to time, but it’s up to you to report such issues to the support team. Pinecone is always working around the clock to make this platform better for all of its registered members, so your suggestions and opinions on improving the site will more than likely count.

There was a time when you could earn through referring others, but they disabled that function.

If you successfully find your way in, don’t think you will be rolling in cash. That’s because there is always less money to be made on survey sites anyway.

And Pinecone is not an exception.

Some users don’t receive survey invitations for weeks on end. And this means one thing: Pinecone Research may be a good for a couple bucks here and there, but it is not a place to depend on for consistent income.

What We Like About Pinecone Research

What We Like About Pinecone Research

It is open to anyone

The website is free to join; no registration fee is required. In case you find yourself having to pay to become a member, know that you are being scammed.

Surveys that Suits You

Most surveying sites make users jump in survey that they don’t qualify for, but this is different with Pinecone Research because they contact you only when they have a survey that perfectly fits you (which is a double edged blade, because you will find yourself not getting any surveys of you don’t fit a very specific demographic).

They Will Actually Pay You

There is one thing that is for sure: Pinecone Research does actually pay their participants. While its not much, its something.

Is Pinecone Research Worth it?

worth it

This system might have been worth it a long time ago, but we think there are better ways to make money online.

There are two main reasons why we think you shouldn’t use Pinecone Research in 2018 and beyond and focus on making passive income here instead.

1. Pinecone Research is Difficult to Join

Becoming a member of the Pinecone Research and getting an account is quite complicated. If Pinecone Research closes their registration at times, and when they do, there is no way you are getting in.

2. Pinecone Research Has Payment Issues

Although the website pays pretty consistently, sometimes the payment options vanish. There are times when they are temporarily unavailable.

3. Pinecone Research Qualifier

As other survey-based websites, Pinecone Research will only send you surveys based on you demographics. This means unless you are of a specific age, gender, have kids, earn a certain income, live in a specific location…

You might not get any surveys at all!

We do recommend affiliate opportunities because they have no geographical limits, the investments are low, and the learning curve is simple. You can outsource the work (we can show how), or you can do everything yourself.