If you are looking for an in-depth Niche Profit Classroom Review, this guide is for you. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the program, so that you can decide if it is worth the money.

Niche Profit Classroom’s Adam Short promises to teach newbie marketers how to build, monetize, and make money with niche websites. He also demystifies hypes and guru lies about internet marketing.

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But how good is Niche Profit Classroom?

Is it worth the money? Or, is it a complete waste of time?

Let’s find out.

Niche Profit Classroom Overview

Founder: Adam Short
Price: $1 for a 14-day trial and $67 paid monthly [CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS]
Refund: 30-day money back guarantee
Support: Offers fast Response
Recommended: Yes
Best for: Beginners
Official Site: http://www.nicheprofitclassroom.com/

What is Niche Profit Classroom and how does it Work?

Niche Profit Classroom Review def

Niche Profit Classroom is a monthly membership program designed to help you build a successful business online.

It offers video training courses focused on creating niche sites. And it is bundled with different tools, software, and resources to help you build and become an authority in your niche.

Who is the Founder of Niche Profit Classroom?

The program was founded by Adam Short, a former employee at Yahoo, in 2009.

He started this program to teach beginners about the basics of internet marketing. He spends most of his time improving this project, and he releases new updates from time to time.

How Much Does It Cost to Join the Program?

You can join Niche Profit Classroom for $1 for a 14-day trial. Then you will be charged $67 per month if you choose to remain in the program after the free trial expires.

You can cancel your free trial or request a refund if you don’t find the tools and training useful. As of this writing, the program offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Niche Profit Classroom Features

Niche Profit Classroom has the following features:

1. Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery

This module will teach you how to create a niche site focused on a single product

2. Niche Profit Vendor Mastery

In this module, you will learn how to make digital products and sell them via trusted affiliate networks

3. Niche Profit Shortcut

This section will teach you how to monetize your website’s traffic and make money with Google AdSense.

4. Niche Profit Affiliate Digital

Instead of making money by selling physical productS, this module will teach you how to make money by promoting digital products.

5. Niche Profit Classroom Forum

This guide will teach you how to use the Niche Profit Classroom Community. After the lesson, you will be able to communicate with other members and share your ongoing progresses towards achieving your success.

6. Niche Profit Press Ultimate

This module will teach you how to setup Google friendly sites so that you have more than one money site ranking on the first page of Google.

7. Niche Profit Leaders

It is slightly the same as NPCF (Niche Profit Classroom Forum). The only difference is that you will meet members who have had success from using the strategies and methods taught in the Niche Profit Classroom. These members will offer you additional help when you need it.

8. Links Tracks

Here you will find sites that have high-ranking pages and use them to build quality backlinks to your niche site.

How Many Tools are Included in the Niche Profit Classroom?

Niche Profit Classroom comes bundled with the following tools:

1. Keyword Tool

You will need the keyword research tool to find the best keywords for your content marketing campaign.

2. Optin Page Wizard

Use the Optin Page Wizard to create opt-in pages for your niche site. This will help you to build your email list over time.

3. Niche Profit Press

The Niche Profit Press is a drag and drop tool that will help you build your niche site fast.

4. Sales Letter Wizard

With Sales Letter Wizard, you can create sales letters in minutes by editing the templates that come bundled in the program.

5. Market Profiler

Use Market Profiler to determine whether a market is worth pursuing. All you need to do is enter a few details about the market and let the tool do the rest of the work for you.

6. Mini Course Wizard

The Mini Course Wizard is the auto-email writing software based on an editable template.

Other tools and software included are Top of Form and Bottom of Form.

Can You Make Money after Taking Niche Profit Classroom Course?

It depends. If you buy the course, watch the videos, and then do nothing afterward, you’ll have wasted your time and investment. But if you put in the effort and put some extra hours to work upfront, you will definitely see results.

How much money you make after taking this program will depend on a few things:

1. The Niche You Choose

There is no right or wrong niche. Some are better while some don’t have room for growth. That’s why it is important to spend more time evaluating different niches before settling for one.

2. The Growing Demand for the Niche

Some niches have a growing demand. Some don’t. For example, niche sites around health tend to generate decent passive income compared to niche sites built around sports like golf.

3. Seasonality of the Niche

If you want to make consistent income throughout the year, consider choosing an evergreen niche. Seasonal niches can only make you money during a particular season.

Here is a short example:

A niche on winter gloves can only make you money during winter seasons. But a niche site on dietary supplements can generate you passive income throughout the year.

4. Ranking

If you follow the content of the course step-by-step, you should be able to rank your website gradually. Good rankings can earn you some decent income.

Overall, people who buy Niche Profit Classroom and take action can make some good money in the end.

Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam? Or, is it Legitimate?

No, Niche Site Profit is not a scam, it is 100% legit!

According to Niche Hacks, it is a genuine site for beginners who are looking for a handy course and tools for creating successful niche sites.

Is Niche Profit Classroom Worth It?

Niche Profit Classroom is a good program for people who are completely new to internet marketing.

If you have never researched or built a website before, and you want to learn how make passive income, this program is for you.

Newbie marketers who’ve enrolled to this program, and put in the hard work and extra hours, have been able to build profitable businesses on the internet.

If you have experience in niche research, and you have created a niche site before, Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom may not be for you.

The video training courses are very basic, so they won’t add to what you already know. You can check our wealthy affiliate program training recommendation if you are looking for advanced training.

Another problem with Niche Profit Classroom is that the tools are quite basic. Although they can help you complete several tasks, they are not as good as other premium tools on the market.