It’s already in the public that you can build a niche site and rank well without backlinks. The secret lies in the Keyword Golden Ratio. In fact, this method has been tested by different people, including the owner of this website, and it has been found to be quite a unique technique for building and ranking niche websites.

Doug Cannington from the Niche Site Project is the founder of the KGR technique. Thanks to his idea of KGR, you can often rank these keywords in the top ten without a single link.

Keyword Golden Ratio Facts

These keywords can often be ranked in the top 10 in less than a month if you follow this rule: The ratio is this… The number of Google results that have the keyword phrase in the title divided by the local monthly search volume, where the LMS is less than 250. If the KGR is less than 0.25, then you should rank in the top 100 when your page is indexed. You should still rank in the top 250 when the KGR is between 0.25 and 1. And it should be pretty fast.

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If properly implemented, the Keyword Golden Ratio can help you to scale your niche website in terms of money and rankings with ease.

When it comes to working with KGR keywords, Dumb Passive Income you do not necessarily have to restrict yourself to the 250 local monthly searches. That’s known as the rule of 63.

Building Your Keyword List

In this post, we’re going to talk about some KGR hacks that: Allow you to target higher than usual search volume (Ie. more than the 250 searches per month that is normal with KGR). I call it the Rule of 63. Build a list of keywords with the highest likelihood of hitting the right ratio. Show how to analyze keywords in a few seconds each once you have the initial list built.

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The most important thing to do before you even start writing content for your niche site is to build your keyword list. Once you have a good number, you can get down to the writing part, whether those articles are informational or product reviews.

You will still need to add backlinks to the content anyway. As posted on Brand Builders, backlinks are still an important part of SEO.

Link Building for SEO

Guest posting is hard work and takes time, and you know, people are lazy. You can’t even outsource guest posting for a reasonable cost and expect high quality, authentic guest posts. The difficulty is the barrier to entry so if you put in the time, then you’ll win.

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The good thing with KGR keywords is that you won’t have to built a lot of backlinks to rank in the top 10.


If you hate begging other blogger to link to your website, then KGR is the way to go. It may take a while to master this technique. The most important thing to remember is that it is more rewarding than any other keyword research technique.