I was completely green when I first got into online writing. For me, content creation was the only way to make income online back then. And guess what; iWriter was the first content mill I ever created content for, and I do respect the platform to this very moment.

In fact, iWriter has grown to become one of the biggest freelance writing platforms in the world, with more than 100,000 writers from around the globe. You see, freelance writing on iWriter has a low barrier to entry. And this is perhaps the one big reason for audience’s growth.

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Brad Callen did a very good job creating a unique platform where writers – like you and me – can login to, create content, and earn some income. But is iWriter as good as it once was? Or, it is just a random site nowadays?

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about iWriter, from what it is and how it works to whether it pays and if it is worth it.

Company: iWriter
URL: https://www.iwriter.com
Price: Free to Join

What is iWriter and how does it Work?

The iWriter is one of the most popular market content writing marketplaces on the planet. It was developed by Brad Callen in 2011, and has been active since then. So how do you start you journey with iWriter?

The first step is to create an account using a valid email address, this only takes about 2 minutes or less. You are only fully registered once you confirm you are the one who created the account via your email address.

Do not forget to include your PayPal details while signing up because it is a channel you will use you cash out your earnings.

Iwriter login page

Can You Make Money with iWriter?

Yes, you can make money with iWriter. But, it is not going to be passive. You will have to do the hard work of creating content for other clients and earn money only if your content is approved. So how do you start writing?

iwriter content creation process

Since you are through with the registration process, the only thing left is finding your way to the dashboard where you will click on “Write Content” and here you will find many articles, which need to be written. Because you are new, you will only concentrate with articles on the standard level.

For each article there is a special instruction provided which must be followed. Writers who ignore these simple instructions get their articles rejected. Additionally, you get to see the amount of money you will get after finishing the article is approved.

At first, the payment for content will be low, starting at $2.25 per 500 words. To increase the amount of money you earn per article, you will need to work hard to go up in ranking. Usually, the more articles a client approves the higher your rankings will go.

It is therefore your responsibility to work extra hard for you to get upgraded as soon as possible. Each new writer is given a status “standard” and from there he or she is the only one to influence her ranking.

You are only elevated to the next level after reaching minimum of 22 reviews from clients. They are generally the ones to dictate your future earnings. And for you to make them happy, you have to produce quality work.

Is iWriter a Scam? Or, Is It Legitimate?

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that iWriter is a legit content mill. They pay you to write content, and they pay on time. It is important to understand that iWriter pays its member on word count basis.

The more you write the more money you earn. And your earnings depend on the rank you are holding. With iWriter, there are 4 main levels: standard writers for starters, premium writers, elite author, and Elite Plus.

making money with iwriter

The site also allows you to decide when you would like to get paid and it will automatically keep doing it. All you have to do is choose from the payment options they offer.

You can still opt for multiple payments a week. You can keep on changing your payment settings, there appears to be no limit to this. You also have to wait until you hit at least $20 which isn’t really hard.

Is iWriter worth it?

To be brutally honest, iWriter is worth it and not worth it at the same time. Let me explain:

payments by iwriter

If you are an entry-level writer who is looking for some firsthand experience in the freelance writing industry, then go for it. If you have the time to create content and are looking for a way to earn active income, try iWriter.

But for an advanced marketer who has been on the grind for some time, iWriter may not be the best option. Here’s why:

1. Fake Self Promotion

Keep this in mind: iWriter is no longer the good company it used to be. It’s been hammered to death by writers who use client accounts for self-promotion to get to the next level.

Cases like “reserved for our favorite writer” when the client’s profile is questionable are quite common these days. If this is not spam, I don’t know what to call it.

2. Terrible Clients

This content mill doesn’t have employees. More often than not, the only relationship that truly exists on iWriter is that of an author and a client. Sometimes clients become rude to writers and leave negative reviews for no good reason.

And on special instructions, you can’t miss statements like “Reserved only for my writer, I will reject if you pick and give bad rating”. This comes down to trust issues, making iWriter a different platform from what it used to be.

3. No Passive Income

At High Calibre Training, we believe that making passive income is the new real deal. iWriter isn’t going to make you passive income, unless you are part of their  affiliate program, which after testing isn’t quite promising.

With passive income, you do not have to work every day. As long as you’ve learned to set up the right affiliate system, you can make money while you sleep.