How to Hire Content Writers for your Niche Site Project

Which criteria do you use to identify content writers for your niche website(s)? This is a question asked by so many affiliates. I know it is the most common question because I work on niche websites and outsource content to writers. For the last couple of years, I have been using several content writing platforms to get content for my niche websites done. So, this article is about my experience and a guideline to help you hire quality content writers, right now.

Several websites have been created to offer writers who can write content exactly as you would like them to be written. As seen on Market Ever, some of the top freelance writing platforms include Hire Writers, Text Brokers, and Freelancer.

Sources and Job Requirements

Now the second thing you need to do is to post the requirement of your job. A nice little website description that you need the author for will work great guns. Describe the job very closely. Don’t leave any of the details out. It will be good for yourself to be specific about what you want. You don’t want a quality writer applying for the position and find information to be unorganized or inappropriate, do you? Be specific about what type of person you want for your job. If you want an author with experience, go ahead and mention it. Even if the requirements don’t match, you can always find a close enough person for the job and train him better.

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Do not rush things, first note sites where you can fish your niches’ writers. Four of the best website where you can get your writers from have been provide in this article. Therefore, there is no room for mistakes when choosing writers.

According to Niche Pursuits, a writer with positive reviews is definitely the one to go for. Of course, it is less risky to hire a writer that has received reviews and rating.

Look at the Work History, and Provide Detailed Instructions

Give Detailed Instructions: Once you’ve hired an author, it’s up to you to make sure they understand exactly what you are looking for.  In addition to just the keywords to use, you want to tell them what you want to see and what you don’t want to see.  Should they review a product?  Should the review be positive only…or “honest”?  I usually tell my authors to be as specific as possible – include statistics like model number, prices, size, ratings, and much more.

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On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that writers with minimal reviews shouldn’t be hired. You never know, maybe they could be new to the website. Contacting them directly can be the best option to find out how good they are.

Hiring writers who just write for you shouldn’t be the only option. According to Niche Hacks, you should find a writer who can create content that converts, not just block of text.

The Formatting Skills

Lots of subheadings, short paragraphs and intelligent use of bolds and italics.

Content that’s easy on the eye and can be scanned quickly is much easier to read.

You don’t want articles with walls of content because that immediately turns off readers.

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A writer who properly formats content can be the huge difference between a high quality site and a crappy niche site project. The difference is often huge.


If you are an employer, be very cautious because some writers can be very cunning, they quickly understand whether your English is good or bad, and you know what happens after that. You will receive low quality work if they find out you don’t know how to speak English well and the vice versa.