Our Home Profit System Review will give you a clear picture of what the opportunity is all about, shed light on whether it is worth the investment, analyze the risks involved, and examine if you can make money with it.

Like many opportunities out there, Home Profit System promises to help you make big money from the comfort of your home.

That’s what many of us want, right?

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If you could earn your way to financial freedom with a profitable system, it would be worth committing time and effort to pursue it. Who doesn’t want financial freedom?

Does the system live up to its promise of legitimately showing you how to make money online from the comfort of your home? Let’s find out.

Company: My At Home Profit System
URL: http://homeprofitsystem.com/
Price: $139.95 one-time fee, $9.97 for the system, and a monthly $4.95 maintenance fee

What is Home Profit System and how does it Work?

what is Home Profit System and how does it work

Credit: yourincomeadvisor.com

Home Profit System is a notorious home business scam. This pass-through website receives negative feedback from customers and that’s why the owner finds it necessary to change the name of the program over and over again.

This same system was once known as Quick Cash Kit. 

Although the name of the opportunity changes from time to time, there’s one thing that almost always remains the same: the basic template.

It’s sad that this program is sold to people using various deceptive tactics, including a false story of a single mother using the system to make hundreds of dollars from home and questionable income reports.

By the help of an IP-reading script, this system auto generates a fake article to fit your hometown. Things backfire when people from small towns realize that offers promised by Home Profit System don’t exist in the first place.

The system is sold at $9.97. But ask yourself why someone would sell a program, which they claim can generate $375 a day (or $11,250 a month), this cheap.

This, by all means, is a completely made up income report.

That’s not all; they will tell you that in order to succeed an additional coaching, hosting, and software and so on is required.

Can You Make Money with Home Profit System?

Can You Make Money with Home Profit System_

Well, the probability is zero.

You are better off with the likes of Inbox Dollar for survey opportunities and iWriter for freelance writing, or our Top Recommendation which can be found here.

The training Home Profit System offers doesn’t offer any thing important other than building link schemes. So we strongly suggest that you avoid this program completely.

Is Home Profit System a Scam? Or, Is It Legitimate?

is home profit system a scam

We looked at this product on (BBB) Better Business Bureau and what we found was disturbing to say the least. To see the complaints, read this article. And to check the negative reviews, check this page.

The saddening part is that BBB couldn’t contact the company no matter how hard they tried, which means the complaints are still unresolved.

The system owner changed their domain from clickncopysystem.com to what there is now, and this is probably why they are hard to reach.

Many people complained that they failed to get a refund from the company and had to call their banks to cancel the subscription instead.

Here’s something even worse about this system:

Once you pay the total fee, Home Profit will ask you to take up a loan and invest in more business opportunities. If you ask anyone who has used the system before, they will tell you that this is just another deceptive tactic to swindle you out of more money.

Home Profit System is a Textbook Scam

Home Profit System scam

Some users complain that this company funds from their bank without notification. The amount debited is usually $97 every month.

Once once they take your money, a refund is never guaranteed, no matter how many times you request for it.

Additionally, the support thing doesn’t work because it doesn’t exist in the first place.

There is more:

The system also requires you to submit your email address. And once you do, it is added in the list of fake, non-existent promotional offers.

For a system that’s so questionable, you know what this really means. Your inbox ends up flooded with 100% pure spam. Few people have managed cancel the process, but Home Profit System still fills their inboxes with junk anyway.

At this point, it is important to understand that helping people make money online isn’t Home Profit Systems’ main goal; its main goal is to exploit people’s pockets.

Why We Believe Home Profit System is a Waste & a Complete Scam

We did in-depth research: watched videos, read articles on various blogs, and decided checked the product’s website to justify our doubts for the system after reading negative reviews about it on BBB.

Here’s what we found:

  • Home Profit System promises financial freedom with little or almost no work at all.
  • Their website’s homepage is downright questionable
  • They maintain the same template and products, but they have changed their domain name more than once.
  • They do not offer any free trial. And they do not have any genuine case studies.
  • Home Profit System is an absolute waste of time 

How to Stop Home Profit System Payments

Before getting into this, remain vigilant!

Even if your transaction is unsuccessful, Home Profit System will have captured your details. So money will be withdrawn from your account anyway.

Here are 4 simple steps to stop Home System Profit payments.

  • Tell your bank to charge back (reverse the charge)
  • Call Home Profit Systems’ hotline (877 863-3088) and claim your refund
  • To avoid re-billing cancel your credit card
  • File a formal complaint against Home Profit System to Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Do not use the system if you haven’t yet

Is Home Profit System worth it?

Building your own online business is perhaps the only reliable, honest and straightforward way to make genuine money online.

Millions of people all over the world make money working from the comforts of their homes by building profitable affiliate marketing systems.

You are not an exemption, because you, too, can make money using a proven, working, legitimate formula!

Imagine not having to go to a dead-end job each day once you become an experienced affiliate marketer.

Keep in mind that creating a passive source of income requires upfront work and learning. And that is what we teach here at High Calibre Training. In fact, we believe in laying a good foundation that can help people like you make money the right way.

Believe when we tell you that Home Profit System is a scam and its main agenda is separating people from their money without delivering anything valuable. It is not worth your time or your money.