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If you have ever heard of earning rewards by completing surveys, then you may have heard of Opinion Outpost, or stumbled upon Pinecone Research. What do these have to do with Harris Poll Online? They share the same business model.

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The aim here is to share some insight on this business model, if it’s worth your time, and whether Harris Poll Online lives up to its claims.

Is Harris Poll Online scam, a big waste of time and money, both, or a legitimate opportunity?

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Harris Poll Online Review Summary

  • Name: Harris Poll Online
  • Official URL: HarrisPollOnline.com
  • Business Model: Paid Surveys
  • Year Founded: 1975
  • Best For: People with lots of spare time. Beginners. People with no money to invest

Brief Summary: Founded in 1975, and still active until this very day, Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest survey websites on the internet. It is a business that you can trust because it has been in business for more than 40 years.

Recommended: No

What is Harris Poll Online?

Harris Poll Online is a New York company that pay HIT points to its users for completing surveys. It is backed by Harris Interactive. At the time of this writing, Harris Poll Online has approximately 6 million users from over 90 different countries.

How Does Harris Poll Online Make Their Money?

Harris Poll Online makes money by selling its own array of products to its target market.

How does Harris Poll Online get people to join?

It is easy to join Harris Poll Online. Just fill out the registration form by providing your date of birth, gender, name, and a valid email address.

After providing the registration information, check your email for a confirmation message.  Click the confirmation link sent in the email to activate your account.

A Closer Look inside Harris Poll Online

In this section, we take a peek inside the Harris Poll Online and look at how the company pays its members.

How does Harris Poll Online Pay You? Compensation Plan Explained

Harris Poll Online offers points known as the HIT in exchange for your participation.

Once you earn points worth $10, the website will allow you to request an e-gift voucher from places like iTunes, Amazon, ESPN, Walmart, and Starbucks.

You may also get a chance to enter a sweepstake after every survey you complete for a chance to win big.

Who is Harris Poll Online for?

Harris Point Online is a good website for people who have a lot of time to spend on surveys. It is designed for people who don’t mind earning few HIT points here and there, as long as those points can be converted to e-gift vouchers.

Who is Harris Poll Online not for?

Harris Poll Online is not for people who are looking forward to making decent money on the internet. No matter how many surveys members complete on the platform, they do not get monetary compensation.

The HIT points that people earn can only be converted into e-gift vouchers.

What we don’t like about Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online has a few issues. Below is a list of some things we found in Harris Poll Online that were less than ideal.

You Cannot Cash Out

You can only choose among a variety of gift cards. Harris Poll Online does not allow you to convert the points in cash. So, there is no money to be made on this platform.

Limited HIT Points

Surveys are limited to four or five each month. This means you will make very low HIT points every month. As such, meeting the $10 limit is definitely going to take some time.

User Limitation

Many survey websites accept members from all over the world. Harris Poll Online is different because it is open only to people living in Canada and the United States of America. Also, the ratio of time to effort makes the website grueling.

Potential Fraud

There are online scammers utilizing the name “Harris Poll Online” to steal from people. The company is aware of this issue. Yet, they haven’t done anything significant to solve the problem. So if you are going to join this platform, be sure to do so by checking the right link that we have put in the overview section of this review.

What we love about Harris Poll Online

There are a few things that we love about Harris Poll Online

More Usability Options

This website allows its members to join focus groups where they can complete a telephone survey and even direct mail assignments.

Easy Survey Questions

Short surveys will take 5 minutes to complete and the long ones will take not more than 25 minutes to complete.

Common survey topics on this platform include movies, fashion, shopping habits, politics, health, business, sports and Health, and life.

Is Harris Poll Online a scam or a legit opportunity?

Harris Poll Online is a legitimate opportunity, but it doesn’t pay you any money for completed surveys. You earn HIT points, instead. Yet, even accumulating these points to the $10 can take days, maybe even weeks.

We are not sure why you would want to spend time on this platform just for $10 HIT points, which, unfortunately, will take time to accumulate. The best thing to do would be to invest your time in a business model that can give you the biggest value for your time.

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