You are here because you are looking for an honest Guaranteed Profits Review. So in this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about this binary trading system.

We will tell you the good, the bad, and the very ugly of this system. Our goal is to help you to determine whether this program is worth your time and money.

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But first things first:

Guaranteed Profits promises people a simple, effective, and easy way to make money from home.

According to the founders, Rodgers and James, Guaranteed Profits can make you more than $17,000 per day even if you don’t have previous investment experience (if this claim doesn’t make you skeptical, are you even awake?).

But is this program useful?

Do people really make money with this system? Or do they end up losing in the end?

Let’s find out:

Guaranteed Profits Overview

Product: Guaranteed Profits
Founders: TBA
Price: Free to Join, but not free to use
Official Site: not available

What is Guaranteed Profits and how does it Work?

Image Credit: Trusted Binary

Guaranteed Profits is a binary trading system that claims to generate thousands of dollars for users on autopilot.

The system uses a sophisticated code to reach unsuccessful binary options, which are unmatched by any other binary trading tool.

Although they claim that the program has the power to reach as high as 93% successful trades, Guaranteed Profits is just a carbon copy of Free Money System and Free Money Guaranteed System, which are responsible for defrauding thousands of traders in the past.

Guaranteed Profits’ Exaggerated Claims

Guaranteed Profits has been in business for many years. They claim to have a ‘perfect success’ rate in trading binary options.

The founders also claim that they have helped many people to make a lot of money from the comfort of their homes.

A number of beta testers claimed that they used Guaranteed Profits to make a lot of money.

They promise that you can make $17,000 a day trading binary options with Guaranteed Profits, even without previous investment experience. This is a seriously flawed claim.

Can You Make Any Money With Guaranteed Profits?

Guaranteed Profits is not free to use.

You can only trade once you have deposited a minimum of $250 into your Binary Option Broker Account.

How much money you can make with Guaranteed Profits depends on luck, really. Because even if you invest a lot of your time observing and following the trading signals, you are very unlikely to reach anywhere near the 93% successful trading rate.

Even very experienced traders would struggle to hit this rate!

Most people who have used this system tend to lose a lot of their hard-earned money within the first week. A few people may have success stories to tell, but many investors who use Guaranteed Profits actually lose.

If you really want to learn how to trade, there are much better programs out there that will teach you everything you need to know.

Is Guaranteed Profits a Scam? Or, is it Legitimate?

Yes, Guaranteed Profits is a scam.

Avoid it at all cost because it is not worth your $250 USD.

The 93% success rate might lure you to invest in the system, but people behind this system make it harder for traders to get any return on their investments.

There is also a lot of market manipulation in play.

This manipulation is there to trick you into thinking its safe to invest. Once you have pushed your money in, the “whales” dump enough stock to shift the trend, triggering panic from “newbie” investors (like yourself and many others), and getting them to sell at a loss, allowing the whales to pick up even more stock at a cheaper rate.

Why Guaranteed Profit is a Scam

We have compiled a few points that we have identified that shift this opportunity from Master plan, to horrible scam. Please continue reading…

1. Guaranteed Profits Shamelessly Use Fake Testimonials to Lure People

  • It is unfortunate that Guaranteed Profits pays a group of people so-called friends to write fake testimonials about the product. These testimonials are later uploaded to Guaranteed Profits’ testimonial page to lure people.
  • Just to remind you, if a product’s testimonial sounds too good to be true, be skeptical. Do enough research about it and then make a wise investment decision.

2. Reviews on Guaranteed Profits are Copied and Fake

  • The cockamamie reviews posted on their website are copied and fake.
  • The reviews were copied straight from Gold Digger Review, which is another scam with empty promises.

3. Guaranteed Profits is not a Transparent Business

  • Guarantee Profit is not as transparent about their operation as you would expect a binary options trading system to be.
  • Also, they are not transparent on how they invest your money. They claim that they invest in the Cryptocurrency markets.
  • Moreover, they expect you to invest with them, but they don’t tell you enough about who they are.

4. Guaranteed Profits’ Binary Option Broker is Questionable

Although the Binary Option Broker used in the Guaranteed Profits is not a fraudulent business, many people are not sure whether it is a licensed company.

Also, many people have complained that the Binary Option Broker used in the system is somewhat unethical.

From what we know, the binary option broker used by Guaranteed Profits might be functioning illegally.

The business doesn’t give or guarantee refunds to customers, their server is terrible, and the support takes ages to respond to queries.

If anything, Guaranteed Profits’ binary option broker is not the kind that anyone would want to work with.

If you are so much interested in binary trade, it would be best if you carried out a research on different broker companies and use your judgment to pick the best broker company that will work out for you.

Is Guaranteed Profits worth it?

Guaranteed Profits is not worth it.

There are other ways to make guaranteed money online with a very small investment.

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