I am sure it is not the first time you have heard someone say affiliate marketing is hard. A few of my friends even coin it as a lie. They say it is a scam because it doesn’t bring money fast. Others think it doesn’t work, because there’s already too much competition out there. If you are just getting started and you read statements like these, I promise you that your heard is going to break. The truth is there are more internet marketing fallacies than you already know. And it is best to know them so that you have an easy time building your niche site project.

One of the biggest lies that even the most experienced affiliate marketers tell is that affiliate marketing is a complex marketing approach. According to Niche Hacks, the affiliate marketing model (program) is simple, and very much straightforward.

Myth #1: Affiliate Marketing is the Most Complex Business Model

There’s nothing complex about niche marketing. In fact, it’s just another name for focused, targeted and common sense marketing. The idea behind niche marketing is simple. Unlike broad sites covering lots of different topics, niche sites focus on closely related topics that fall under a narrow sub-niche.

When you target a narrow sub-niche and create a site that only talks about a very specific set of problems that are closely related to each other, you have a much better chance of establishing yourself as an expert and driving more action with your content.

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The problem many marketers have is the struggle to establish themselves as experts in certain topics. That’s where you need to pay a lot of attention on. Because when you have a topic that you can create your website around, you will not just drive more action with your content but also establish yourself as an expert.

Perhaps the biggest lie anyone can tell you is that everything has to be original. Kristarae and everyone and their mom knows that your next post isn’t going to go viral. If your plan is to write something no one has ever read, for a niche site, then you are in the wrong business.

Myth #2: Everything Niche Has to Be Original

If you’re in this place right now, please stop. There really isn’t anything that’s original anymore. Originality stems from how you differentiate yourself. How you repurpose existing ideas. Your take on a ‘done to death’ topic.

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The truth very few people ever tell is that everything is out there. Think of even the weirdest of niches, and there are blogs on the same out there. Instead of focusing on being too original to look like a blogger from space, create unique content that will give value to your readers.

Many people think that affiliate marketing is another Ponzi scheme flooding the web. But the likes of us and Digital Deepak do have a different opinion about this marketing model.

Myth #3: Affiliate Marketing is a Ponzi Scheme

Affiliate Marketing is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. It is a method using which you can make money online. How rich you become depends on your skill, dedication, focus, knowledge and hard work. Without resourcefulness, you cannot succeed in affiliate marketing NOR in any business. There are affiliate marketers who have not made a single buck in spite of being in the business for months while there are few who have built an affiliate empire with their dedication and hard work.

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Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, when you look at the affiliate marketing trends article that we published some time back, there is a lot of work to be done before you can see good results.


Whether you want to build an authority site or you are the one-topic-site kind of guy, understanding that these myths won’t for once hold is what will keep you going, working hard, and eventually making more money building niche sites. And given that we already have a proven affiliate marketing framework that you can work with, the myths we’ve talked about should not even bother you a bit.