Today, a common question that most people ask before even signing up to this opportunity is this: can I make money using this system? Or, is Cash Crate a swindle? In this  Cash Crate Review, I am going to help you answer this, plus other burning questions, and find out whether Cash Crate is worth it or otherwise.

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I first read about Cash Crate on a UK blog when I was searching for ways to earn extra income online.

I am an advocate of multiple income streams so, naturally, I had a look at this opportunity. Sure, I have additional ways to earn money, and I had a system that generates money in place. Cash Create was one of them, until when it wasn’t. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

If you have ever thought of signing for an account and making money with Cash Crate, you are not alone. I have been there too; right at the point where I was just getting started and working online was still foreign to me.

Company: Cash Crate
Price: Free to Join

What is Cash Crate and how does it Work?

Generally, cash crate is a free “Get Paid To” website that gives people different ways to earn money online. Site was born in the year 2006 and it still functions even at this very moment.

It has been able to pay out over three hundred million dollars ($3, 000, 000) to its users over the past twelve years.

As soon as you are done signing up for a Cash Crate account, you are presented with opportunities to earn extra cash. You earn this cash by signing up for offers, finishing surveys successfully and welcoming other new members to the Cash Crate program via referrals.

But how does it operate? You are finally done with signing up for a cash crate account, so what do you do next?

The only thing left is taking up survey, signing up and completing paid offers, playing games and obviously inviting more people to the site and by so doing you are awarded a few cents to even a dollar.

Although there are members who hardly earn more than a dollar on Cash Crate, there are those that earn thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind that earning more than you can imagine only comes when you spend more time doing offers and filling out surveys.

But given that the chances of making a lot of money every single month from the site are now slim for new members, I would advise you to use your quality time doing things that are more productive to earn passive income.

Can You Make Money with Cash Crate?

Signing up for an account is easy. You are only required to fill in your valid email address and create secure password, a common feature of most GTP sites.

They only question your basic information a little. You do not have to worry yourself because the reason they only need your email address is to send your Cash Crate earnings in the future.

As for date privacy, feel good because your information is kept safe. You information becomes a threat when you share it with the third party as you engage yourself in a paid offer and we highly discourage that.

Now the question is this: how can you make money after creating an account?

Confirming your Email Address and Genuinely Filling up Profile Survey

Wow! Just imagine, for only confirming your cash crate account via your email address, Cash Crate makes you a dollar richer. After that, you can start filling up your survey profile, but be true because the information you give will help the system choose surveys that perfectly suit you.

For the extra information that you provide about yourself, Cash Crate credits your account with $0.5. Confirming your email address is therefore one the major ways you start earning easy money with this system.

At any given time the system is loaded with surveys therefore, it is very much unlikely for site to run out of surveys. Paid surveys are not necessarily the only ways to make cash.

Sometimes you are disqualified from a survey simply because the survey wasn’t meant for your location. And this is so frustrating!

To be honest, getting disqualified from a survey because of location issues is one of the reasons why I thinks sites like Cash Crate are useless sometimes. Cash crate pays between $0.25 to $2 and its payout out hugely depends on its length. In other words, a 10 min survey may pay less compared to an hour survey.

Complete Offers

At this point, you are paid to create accounts on other websites, sign up to email lists or even pay for products. In return, cash crate credits your account. And have you ever wondered of the fastest way to earn money on Cash Crate in terms of completing offers? Well, paying for a product is the only way though it is also risky. For this, a lot of people have complained of spam call and emails. So, be extra careful with offers that require your credit card details.

And here is an advice: only sign up for offers that require your minimal information, you can also create a “spam-dedicated” email for all this nonsense, sorry to say so but that’s the only way you can stay secure. The other demoralizing thing is that you only get pennies for offers that only require your email address.

Watching Videos

In this section, you are allowed to watch movies for money. You are paid less than a dollar for watching a movie that goes for one hour; so ridiculous! Here is the worst part: the video watching part is only applicable to people residing in America.

Shop and Get Cash back

This website avails stores like Macy’ and Walmart to shop from. Once you purchase something from any of the stores, Cash Crate credits a certain cash back percentage to your account. The cash back percentage is usually less than 5%.

Get Paid to check in

Cash crate gives you 3 cents each time you check in to a site by clicking on link provided or opening surveys that are within the site. But do you have to complete offers? No, it isn’t necessary but you can if you want. Still, the check reward is given even without completing surveys.

Referring others to the Site

Most people call it MLM since it situated in level two where the real juice is located. Your account is credited with 20% of what your direct referral earns and 10% of everything he or she earns.

Is Cash Crate a Scam? Or, Is It Legitimate?

Is being paid not one of the major reasons you want to sign up for an account? Yes! We know it is. Cash Crate is a legitimate site that pays you for what you do.

Cash Crates’ first payment to you is through cheque. From there direct depositing is allowed, you can opt to use services like PayPal to get your money.

The minimum payout amount is $20. You can’t cash any money out if your account doesn’t read $20 or more and reaching $20 may take ages.

Is Cash Crate worth it?

If you are looking for a 100% free GPT site with many offers, Cash Crate is good for you.

But seriously, after using Cash Crate for a month and working my ass off every single day without seeing any significant results, I wouldn’t really recommend this system to anyone.

The minimum payout amount is high, the pay isn’t worth your time, and the system is prone to spam.

The best alternative, as I’ve stated before is to build a system that can earn you passive income via affiliate marketing. Affiliate business a tested and proven method that works across the board.