BBB Complaints About Wealthy Affiliate Being a Scam? The Truth Revealed Inside

If you’ve been searching for ways to make money online, or perhaps affiliate marketing then no doubt you would’ve heard about this Wealthy Affiliate scam, perhaps you have seen some complaints and maybe even seen some BBB articles on this opportunity. In this post, I want to reveal the honest truth on whether it is legit or not.

This post reveals whether Wealthy Affiliate is a hoax,.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or a Dream Come True for People Wanting to Make Money Online?

Is this company legit or a fraud?This system is not without its flaws. I have my wealthy affiliate complaints, and I will share everything that I found an issue just to give you more of a heads up, with the ultimate goal of answering that burning question: is wealthy affiliate worth it.

Personally, I am 100% sure that wealthy affiliate is not a hoax. Why? Because I have made money doing what is taught within the wealthy affiliate university. My first site was actually a little site that was promoting whiskey related products.

I have lost my fair share of money in other make money online opportunities. So I feel for any losses you have experienced along the way. Been there done that. Just don’t let that make you so negative that you don’t see the silver lining in other opportunities.

It’s OK to Question Whether Wealthy affiliate is Legit or not. I did!

As I mentioned before, I can fully understand being skeptical of any online opportunity to make money online. I mean how many scammers are out there who’s sole purpose is to make money off people who are searching to make money online!

My mind boggles at the amount of headlines I see, talking about some Nigerian Prince, who is stuck in space and needs your bank account details so you can inherit his wealth. LOL!

is-this-company-a-fraud-or-notSorry, I ramble sometimes. Back to the question at hand, is wealthy affiliate legit? I say yes it is because it’s a training program, not a product. You’re actually learning first hand, how to start everything from scratch.

The only way I could see it as being illegitimate would be if you had to sell WA to make money. This is what I would call a pyramid scheme and an outright scam.

This is not the case here because they help you find other legitimate companies to work with. Authoritative companies like, for example; is one of the companies WA recommend partnering with.

Here are my Wealthy Affiliate Complaints and How to Fix Them

There aren’t many programs out there that don’t have issues. Wealthy Affiliate’s issues may seem minor but I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds these irritating.

Rank Farmers

My first complaint with wealthy affiliate is to do with rank farmingWA has a rank metric that rewards people for their participation within the community. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the community and its great to know that no matter where in the world you are, there will be someone online to help you.

What I have an issue with is people who just post useless stuff just to increase their WA rank. This is a vanity metric and does very little for anyone, let alone increase the rank of your website or the money it earns.

The real issue comes when a person requires help so they post a question, hoping for someone to reply with the answer. If a rank farmer comes on and posts a completely hopeless answer like “I wish I knew”, before anyone else does the question’s status shifts from unanswered to answered.

There is no real fix to this but just keep it in mind. If you have any questions then I suggest you private message members like myself. I will always answer you and do my best to help and guide you. If you are one of my referrals I have additional training (not found in WA) that I share.

Email Notifications

my second complaint with wealthy affiliate is the email notificationsWhen you first get started with WA, by default all of the boxes for your email notifications are ticked. As the number of people you are connected to within WA increase, so do your notifications.

This may seem pretty minor but when your network reaches 100+, the number of emails will literally explode. Not only does this clutter your inbox but it also consumes time (if you are foolish enough to read all of them).

I recommend you go into your profile settings and deselect most of the boxes. Just keep the important updates, new training, and your referral questions ticked.

Let me Share my Wealthy Affiliate Experience With You

I have been a member of WA since October 2014. Prior to joining, I was just like everyone else. Desperate to make additional money. Buying every new thing that was released:

  • my personal, honest experience with the wealthy affiliate university programClick Button Riches
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing

I made nothing! Essentially I was just burning money and I didn’t have any spare to burn!

The last membership course I was part of (MLSP) was used to help other network marketers promote their business. This course had a huge price of $149 per month and for the 6 months I was with them I made a big fat ZERO dollars.

I knew that I didn’t want to quit my dream, I had a very strong why, but I just felt MLSP and Network marketing was not for me so I began to look into Affiliate Marketing (and quit MLSP).

And Then I Found It!

I stumbled across a couple sites that were promoting WA. Both of the sites (owned by current members), talked so highly of WA and the affiliate marketing industry.

They identified the issues I found with MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing), and really connected well with me. I finally felt like I had found my jam!

I Didn’t Jump In At First

I had already wasted too much money leaping into things so I took the opportunity to think things over. I wasn’t about to get burnt again so I had to make sure that this opportunity aligned itself with my ultimate goals.

To become financially wealthy, location free and time rich.

look before you leapAfter some thorough brainstorming, budgeting and a bit of drinking (I had a friends wedding that weekend), I decided to reach out to each owner of the site and talk (via email) with each of them.

Tip: Always thoroughly research any opportunity. Especially if it seems to good to be true. Marketers use a tactic called false urgency or scarcity. There is no time limit but they make out there is just to take advantage of you, making you leap into things because you don’t want to miss out!

Why Not Try It Out For Free?

A big deciding factor was their 7-day free trial. I mean, why not right! I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. By taking advantage of the 7-day free trial I had the opportunity to peek inside and see what it was all about.

I am glad I did because once inside I knew this was for me. The community was very welcoming and engaging. The training was high quality and it just felt great to be part of.

Here’s What I Found Inside

When you first log in you are encouraged to complete your profile. This means adding a photo, writing something about yourself, defining some goals and a couple other simple tasks. I believe this helps you connect better with the other members.

I spent about 10 minutes in the live chat, talking with the other members. Introducing myself and talking briefly about my background and more importantly, what I wanted to achieve.

On To The Next Step

The next part of the process was to complete their “Get Started” course which contained 10 lessons. The beginner course covered the following topics:

  • getting-startedGetting Rolling – This was just an overview of what the training was all about. A bit of stuff to help you grasp the affiliate marketing model and a bit of motivational content to help boost your energy.
  • Understanding How To Make Money Online – This explained how affiliate marketing works and how you can make money doing it. There are a few tasks for you to complete, there is actually tasks for most training modules.
  • Choose a Niche – Here they explained what a niche is and how to identify which niche you should look at building a site around.
  • Build Your Own Website – In this module, you learn how to get your own domain, install WordPress, plugins and general formatting.
  • Preparing Your Site To Rank – This training teaches you how to optimize your website to rank at the top of Google.
  • Keywords & Content – Here you learn all about keywords, how they’re used, the power behind them and the kind of keywords you want to target. You also learn how to build content around your target keywords.
  • Creating Your First Pages – This lesson teaches you the difference between pages and posts. You also create your first important pages.
  • Creating Quality Content – Here you learn how to find new content to write about and how to make it appealing and most importantly, connect with your audience.

So as you can see there is lots of training provided to help you every step of the way. There is so much more training inside it would take a very long time to consume it all.

Each lesson has tasks you need to complete. This is great because it forces you to take action along the way. I believe this is the most effective strategy to prevent being overwhelmed.

Action = Traction!

You May Have Seen Wealthy Affiliate Appear in BBB

Wealthy affiliate has appeared on BBBIf you are not sure what BBB is, it is a website called Better Business Bureau. This is a place where people can leave reviews and get information on different companies/opportunities.

I believe a company can become BBB accredited but I am positive WA is not. This is not to reflect upon the service they provide. It’s just that they have not gone through the process to become accredited.

There are a couple entries for two different companies. One Wealthy Affiliate which has zero complaints/reviews and the other for a company called Niche Marketing Inc, which is also owned by the same guys who own WA.

There’s a total of 8 complaints made in the 10+ years WA has been operating. No company is perfect, but we need to be realistic in the fact that this is not for everyone.

From looking at the complaints there were misunderstandings with billing. When you process a lot of payments you can expect hiccups. I know this first hand from running a commercial gym.

Each of the complaints addressed professionally and refunds were issued if requested. It says a lot about a company when they deal with complaints, and personally, I feel WA done a stellar job!

Things to Consider Before you Join Wealthy Affiliate

Here are things you must ponder before you join wealthy affiliateHopefully, I have given you enough information to make a good decision on whether Wealthy Affiliate is for you. Before you leap into anything I really want you to consider your options.

If you are happy doing what you have been, then that’s fine. I do believe you stumbled across this article for a reason. You are searching for something better, I get that, I really do. You just have to see how this aligns with your goals.

The reason I got into affiliate marketing and the training provided by WA is because I wanted more in life. I was sick of working my ass off to line someone else’s pockets.

Even in my other business ventures, prior to WA, I had made the mistake of just creating myself another job. I was making great money, but I had no time at all. I missed so much of my kids growing up. I can never get that back.

So my criteria for business changed:

  • I needed balance in my life
  • I wanted to stop living from paycheck to paycheck
  • I didn’t want to answer to anyone on why I was not performing
  • I want to be able to take days off when I want
  • I want to be able to travel where and when I want
  • I want to be able to scale my income up
  • I just want to live a comfortable like with my family

You see, I wasn’t able to achieve the above working for someone else, or in my other service based businesses. I was either having to work for someone else, catering to their needs, or I wasn’t able to leave my business for the weekend because I was irreplaceable.

So you really need to ask yourself what it is you are looking for.

Are Your Goals Similar to Mine?

If they are then perhaps Wealthy Affiliate might be worth checking out. They have an awesome free trial which requires no credit card, so you can just sign up and get full access for 7 days.

There is zero risk here so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In the event that this program is not for you, then just let the trial expire.

Here is my special bonus for youFor the sake of transparency, the links I provide that direct you to Wealthy Affiliate will earn me a commission. I stand by what I promote and only ever recommend tools and programs I use personally.

If you do decide to click on my links I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It helps me and my family get closer to our goal. To pay it forward I have some amazing Wealthy Affiliate Bonuses for you. All you need to do is click here to get started.