Imagine this: You have done the perfect keyword research in the world, banged down a 2,000-word blog post, optimized the content for search engines, and hit the publish button. Your post is live. That’s work well done. Now it is just a matter of time before Google bots crawl your niche website to index your post.

Look: Google doesn’t hate your site. You just forgot one of the most important ranking factors: link building. Links have remained Google’s main ranking factor post Penguin and Panda. From April 2012 until today, links are the cream and butter that push the needle.

The first link building method you should be using right now is Web 2.0. Dozens of SEO communities have concluded that Web 2.0 builders are pretty much wasting a lot of their time. They say that Web 2.0s no longer work because they are spammed to death. But Nick from Rankers Paradise, an SEO, too, demystifies this claim.

Web 2.0 Backlinks Are Perfect for Low Competition Keywords

Using Web 2.0 backlinks is a super easy and quick way to rank low competition keywords. I owe this strategy to Franklin. I normally see some search engine movement with this technique within a week or so. I have ranked so many sites using this system. It takes a little work, but it is well worth doing if you pick the right keywords to focus your time on.

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There are many ways to build links, from buying links and sponsored posts to guest blogging and guestographics. But Web 2.0 is always the best option for people on tight budgets.

To further cement on the power of Web 2.0, Neil Patel from Quick Sprout says that although these properties are no longer as powerful as they used to be, they are still a ranking powerhouse that can push the needle.

Web 2.0 Link Juice in 2017

Web 2.0’s may not be the backlinking panacea they used to be, but they can still send some serious juice to your links. Google still values web 2.0 properties that are full, active and legit looking. And you can quickly build dozens of web 2.0 properties using your readable spun articles.

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To most SEOs, Web 2.0 may not be as powerful as they used to be. But that’s just an assumption. If done right, Web 2.0s backlinks have a lot of authority that will help you rank your content on Google’s first page.

Here is an article by Nathan Gotch from Gotch SEO that explains the authority metric really well.

Super Web 2.0 Build Authority Really Fast

A  Web 2.0s property is effective because you are piggy-backing off their authority and trust. Yes, it is a sub-domain and your page authority will start out with a goose egg ZERO. But there’s one important thing to remember about these properties: they build Page Authority (PA) FAST. With only a few strong links, any given web 2.0 can go from a PA 0 to PA 30 +.

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One of the main challenges of Web 2.0s is that they take time to gain authority. And when they do, what you get out of them is a powerful link.

Final Words

As a blogger, your expectation is that Google will rank your niche site high; that’s on the first page, of course. If you seriously want this to come true, you build links the right way. And yes, Web 2.0 backlinks work. They always have.