People nowadays rely on the Internet for a lot of things. Shopping online is the fastest way to purchase the item you need without leaving the comforts of our home. You don’t even have to deal with traffic going to the actual store. With just a swipe or a tap of your finger on the computer screen, the buying and selling of an item are done within a few minutes (or even in seconds). Everything is done virtually. The buyer and seller don’t even have to see each other physically to complete a transaction.

With the rise of this modern-day style of buying and selling came the inception of affiliate marketing. Since everything is done online, affiliate marketing plays an important role in electronic commerce.

Tapping into the Power of Affiliate Marketing

It is easy to create a website and put all your wares on display. It works just like a physical store. You have to wait for people to visit your site, take a look around to appreciate the offerings of your virtual store and hopefully get interested enough to buy something in it. But since there are so many websites like yours that are also on the net and people also browse these other sites, you have to do a little more work to get their attention. If you are a little clueless on how to optimise the presence of your website, then you must have an affiliate who is an expert in this field.

Affiliate marketing basically has 3 major players: the advertiser, the publisher, and the buyer. The advertiser usually is a person or the company selling the product or service. The publisher takes charge of promoting the product by bridging the gap between seller and buyer. The buyer completes the marketing cycle by clicking on the link or filling out a form to complete the sale. This leads to profit for both advertiser and publisher.

The Publisher: Playing a Huge Role in Affiliate Marketing

Although the advertiser and the buyer have greater visibility and interaction on the internet, the publisher plays a crucial role behind the scenes. The publisher takes care of providing the advertiser or the merchant with creative and highly technical methods of promoting their product or website. They responsible for creating links, banners and web content that will attract the right kind of visitors to a website. For every click on these links, or visit the website and ultimately upon closing a sale, the publisher gets a share of the profit in the form of a commission.

With affiliate marketing, everybody wins. The buyer receives the item or service they desire without going thru the hassle of conventional shopping. The publisher earns too by acting as an online middle man between buyer and seller. The advertiser also gets the biggest share of the pie by earning from selling online with the least costs and manpower. The constant optimisation of search engines, the introduction of new devices which promotes more connectivity and the influx of creative unconventional methods of online advertising shows a great earning potential for affiliate marketing this year of 2017.