Building a niche site isn’t easy. So, if you have managed to pick your web properly from the ground within the last four to six months, you are in a better position to scale it. When your traffic starts to go up and the move is consistent, it’s not a good idea to relax, or to work on a new site. Your goal should be to scale the site, so you can increase your passive income. Here are 3 principles to get you moving forward.

First, you need to pay more attention to what’s actually working. Fat Stack Blogs recommends that it is best to figure out what’s working, and then use that as the primary technique to grow the site.

Figure Out what’s working

Once you figure out what’s working, focus on that especially in the early days of your site just beginning to get traction. You need to grow revenue to reinvest. For example, with one of my sites, after about 18 months I noticed two types of posts performed well; way above average.  One type was a keyword concept I stumbled upon which could be applied to a lot of content.  I’m still capitalizing on that opportunity to this day.

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When you know what’s working and what’s not working, you put yourself in a better position to stay completely far away from guesswork.

Another thing you can do to grow your passive income is to target more keywords. As mentioned on Brand Builders, targeting more keywords is one of the sure bets to grow your site into a big property.

Targeting More Keywords

Once you’ve reduced your bounce rate, you can start working on expanding your site to target other keywords and bring even more traffic into your content. When you first started building the site and performing keyword research, you didn’t have nearly as much data as you will have in your Analytics when the site is 6 months, 12 months, or even 2 years old, with an established history in the search engines.

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You do not necessarily have to target hundreds of keywords on the go. Remember, you are building a long-term business. So, it would be best if you take things slowly.

Last, but more importantly, continue building links. This is what Human Proof Design recommends doing.

Building Quality Backlinks

How Many Links Do You Need? This is not something that is easy to answer. The short answer would be, as many as necessary. I like to build links slowly (about 10-20 per month) and build more as the results come in. These days, it can take 2-4 weeks before your link building affects the rankings, so building slowly will help you avoid building too many links and getting yourself a penguin penalty.​

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We all know that links are the main Google’s ranking signals. So, you need to build them properly, from time to time.


If you follow these three steps correctly, there is no one reason why you shouldn’t be able to grow your niche site’s income.