Have you been thinking of trying affiliate marketing to monetize your blog(s)? Don’t hesitate to consider the 3 programs listed below. Some may well fit your niche and audience. And would nice to hear from you if you have used any of the below marketing programs.

According to High Paying Affiliate Programs TerraLeads is a direct advertiser of nutra offers and it is the worlds’ first CPA Hub that you can engage in.


TerraLeads distinguishing features are the in-house production and local warehouses in unique geos in Europe and Asia. After becoming TerraLeads partner, one gets 24/7 multilingual support, free translation services, possibility to track leads in real time, use the cutting-edge technologies, and withdraw money daily via multiple e-payment systems.

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TerraLeads affiliate program offers are represented in the following categories: health, beauty, adult and diet. It provides the highest approval rates as it works by a COD model.

Pure Residue refers to Amazon as the largest affiliate site, which offers numerous advantages to affiliates and sellers alike. This is simply the best place for beginners to start their affiliate marketing journey.

Amazon Associates

As a beginner, you will need some form of a platform where you can promote your products. The most common way of doing this is through your blog or website.Another great thing about Amazon affiliate program is that you will have a choice of promoting products that interest you. You can promote the products by writing reviews or articles about the products. The earning potential in Amazon affiliate program is unlimited.

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If you are an advanced affiliate marketer who can create websites that have APIs and amazon implementation, this is also the best place.

ProBlogger states that Neverblue.com is a pay per action affiliate program that pays its affiliates for sales generation, leads and downloads.


Despite this, the affiliate program has stated the following: “This filing will not impact Neverblue’s ability to meet client needs in any way—we intend to continue to operate business as usual without interruption. Neverblue’s business is fundamentally strong and we intend to make all affiliate payments on schedule, in a timely and reliable manner.”

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Neverblue.com may have not been among the top 20 best affiliate networks but it took the number one spot in the 2012 top 20 CPA networks.


The best way to find the best network is to try almost all of them, although each of the affiliate programs has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are people who are pursing almost all the affiliate-marketing programs they can think of to maximize their gains.